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El Manguero…

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People Helping People

Involved in Just for Kixx soccer- a soccer league for children with special needs

Delivered money, food and masks to communities highly effected by the covid 19 virus

Sponsored a scholarship called the Angela Maria Cano scholarship to high schoolers who showed exemplary action towards charitable work. Our scholarship is in honor of our mother, Angela M. Cano.   She was a single mother who raised her two young children in Elizabeth, NJ. Throughout the many challenges Angela faced, such as language barriers, she always taught her children to help people no matter their race or ethnic background. The people helping people movement is a result of our mothers’ teachings.  Our upbringing taught us the value of helping others.  If 3 people ate, 3 more people can eat as well.  If you needed a place to stay our home was always open. Even as a single mother, my mother new the importance of demonstrating that together we can accomplish more. It is her diligence, dedication, open mindedness that forged our path of never giving up and if you can help others, then you do.